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This Page is dedicated to those before us, who, unselfishly gave up their own life, and made the ultimate sacrifice, to protect OUR RIGHTS as Citizens of the Greatest Country in the World, The United States of America. May their deaths be not in vain. Let us never forget those who gave to keep us Free.

Freedom of Speech, is a Right, Granted to Me in the First Amendment of The Bill of Rights. I shall exercise IT, as well as All of the other Rights, granted to me in The Constitution of The United States of America. We can not allow these Rights to be taken from us, now, or ever.


Look Below for Links that Mr. Twisted has Dedicated to those who have Fought and Died for OUR FREEDOM.

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Twisted Editorial

Click Here to Learn about each of the 50 of the United States, Even The Twisted State...California.

Politicians are currently trying to erode away OUR RIGHTS, inch by inch, until we are nothing more then a police state. Does anyone remember the story about the Bad Man in Germany, back in the 1940's? He wanted to take away all of the guns also. Our Second Amendment Right is currently being attacked daily, by hypocritical politicians, who perch themselves in their fancy neighborhoods, and shake their fingers at the rest of society. We must not let them take away Our Right to Bear Arms. If we lose this Right, then we will just be sheep being led to slaughter. Click on the UZI. It will take you to The 2nd Amendment Page. It contains Information to Help Stop the Errosion of Our Constitutional Rights. Help Support the N.R.A. and Pro-Gun Legislators.

Mr.Twisted's 2nd Amendment Page...Help Preserve Our Right to Bear Arms.


Speaking of hypocritical politicians...Follow Our Country's Current Progress Welcome To The White House and with the White House WebCam Live Camera in the Oval Office

OOPPSS...this is the Real one Welcome To The White House

Mr.Twisted's State of the Union Address

This is Strictly My Opinion, Take it or Leave it...Our Country is in a Turmoil, Our President has Betrayed the Trust of the Nation, and in This Man's Opinion, A "Real Man" would, not only admit fault, and ask for forgiveness, but would also Step Aside and Let the Country get on with it's life. I have no problem with a man seeing a woman....I just can't stand Lying, Corruption from People who are supposed to be Role Models...Bill, for the sake of the Country, Step Down...I ask this as a True American, and as a Man.....and while your at it, why don't you admit that you "DID" inhale, and that you were a little Pot Smoking, War Protesting, Draft Dodging Hippie....This is just My Twisted Opinion, hell who am I?...

Interesting Links About Hackers that Hacked The Pentagon. Worth Reading.

Alleged Pentagon hackers speak out ... Pentagon hacker arrested in Israel


Links Dedicated to the Heroes.

My Sister's Bitchen Fireworks Page...Click on Old Glory Colonial America and the American Revolutionary War Links

The War for American Independence

The War of 1812 ... Welcome to the War of 1812

Bob Koch's Civil War Web Site ... Civil War Page

History in the National Park Service: Spanish-American War


WORLD WAR ONE ... The Great War - HELLFIRE CORNER - The First World War (The Great War)

WORLD WAR II ... WWII In The Pacific ... The Museum of the Pacific War

Korean War Memorials ... International Korean Veterans Memorial

Examining the Korean War

Vietnam war history page ... VIETNAM WAR/ ... Nam_Album

Sights and Sounds from the War in Vietnam ... Armor of 1960's and 1970's

The invasion of Panama ... SOMALIA

Frontline: The Gulf War ... Gulf War ... GULF WAR '98:

California Veterans Memorial


One of the few Ladies left  in America, that Bill hasn't groped

Hi, I'm the President....Wanna See My Giblets? "Monica who?"..."I didn't Inhale."..."I play the Saxophone."

Now tell me, doesn't this sound like:

"SEX........DRUGS..........and ROCK 'N' ROLL...........

Bill, Please Zip Up Your Pants!!!

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