Im a Police Light....DuhTHE HOOD PAGEI'm a Police Light....Duh.

Typical Front Yard Fencing.

This page Updated 4/26/98

This is for all the NORMAL people, who just so happen to be stuck in the HOOD with the refuse of society. My whole goal in creating this page, is to inform AMERICA, that "When IT hits the fan, will you be ready?" This page will also focus on some of the things you can do to protect yourself from the predators of humanity, the bottom-feeders, the low-lifes. This page is still in it's conceptual stages, but I am sure that when it is completed, it will be the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, so "Chill, My Freinds," and enjoy.

Standard Neighborhhod Decorations.

Remember to Click The Pics....Each Bullet hole is a link.

Protect your 2nd Amendment Rights...Click Here the NRA can Help. Fight Crime...N.R.A.'s CRIME STRIKE...Click here to go there. A Link for the Ladies...For Women's Protection against Crime....Click Here. Security International Link...This one is a HOT one....If you have the Bucks, Hire a Bodyguard, here is a link, where you can even pick type,gender,racial background, everything...a bodyguard to order....Click Now. Now for some Canine Protection....Click here.

Mr. Twisted's Canine Security Force The Dog Haus...Mr. Twisted's Fully Trained Rottweiler Security Force.

I will also attempt to keep you informed of some of the local sights, events, and goings on, in and around 'The Hood.

Pull over...You Look Suspicious...

Read the Scrolling Hood Bulletin

Wow, What a month we have had in Da' Hood, Crazy Wackos shooting at Cops and then Ramming into them, Bombs in the Van, streets are evacuated, Da Hood is roped off and Cops are Everywhere........The day before that, another high speed chase of a bank robber, who ends up in the intersection, guns blazing cops take him out with 2 shot. GOTTA LOVE DA' HOOD.

Oh, Look, A Neighbor Mowing His Lawn.

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See ya' soon, DUCK, DRIVE-BY...


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Questions 'bout Da' Hood, check out the paper...Click Here. Get Me Outta Da' Hood....Click here to go to Four Corners Map Room.