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The Krainbrink Kronickle

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I have set up My Web Pages, like so; All of MY Pages should have links back to the FOUR CORNERS Map room, so if you ever get lost, just go back to the Map Room. On the other hand, when visiting a link OUT of Krainbrinkland, then you will need to click "BACK" on your browser in order to get back into my pages. Make sure and check out ALL the pictures on my pages, cause Most of them have links to other places, as well as some Twisted comments. My goal is to make All of my web pages to be fun, informative, entertaining, and still have the Twisted Krainbrink Slant. I will try and provide interesting subjects, news and commentary as often as possible. Maintaining a website can be alot of work and comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy!!!

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New Yahoo Group for Krainbrinkland. You will need to register, sorry. It has Current Family Photos and Pictures of some "projetcs that are being worked on. Here is the link.

Krainbrink Family Group

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The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee....

The Los Angeles Times L.A.Times

The New York Times N.Y.Times.

The Chicago Tribune The Chicago Tribune

U.S.A. Today U.S.A. Today

Public Service Announcement

Cigarette Free for almost 6 full years.

I have not smoked a Filthy Cigarette since April 27, 1997. I have surpassed the 6 Year Mark. I had smoked over 2 to 3 packs a day, for over 27 and a half years, and I quit using "The Patch." NicodermCQ2 is the one that I had used, and it appears to have worked. I feel GREAT. In fact, it doesn't even cross my mind at all anymore. If I can do it, You can do it, unless you think I am better then you? So I encourage anyone who reads this, who still smokes, to please, "STOP SUCKING BUTTS."

Put Something Exciting in Your Mouth...Not a Filthy Cigarrette. This is a Link to The Great American Smoke Out....Stop Sucking Butts...

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Please visit Krainbrink's Weather Page for Current Krainbrinkland Weather and Current Doppler Radar. Kraibrink's Weather Page has a wide assortment of Weather related links, information and items for Krainbrinkland and your own land as well. Just click the pic below and Welcome to the Wonderful World of Weather!!!

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Krainbrinkland Stock breaks the All-time record.

Real Stock Information as well as Mr. Twisted's Financial Information is available at Krainbrinkland's Money Page. I dont know if I would trust any of Mr. Twisted's Stock Tips, though. But PleassseClick on the Cash picture below.

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This is the Information Center for Tuned Updates and Current Events....This page last updated 8/17/2003.....



Sports Section

Mr. Twisted, Top Athlete that he is, winner or Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in almost every sport concievable. Championship X-treme Sport Connisuere'and being the avid Sports officianado' we all know him to be, would like to direct you to Information on All kinds of Sports, and they can all be found on. Krainbrinkland's Sports Page.

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Whether you are planning a month long exscursion, or just a overnight trip, Travel Information can be found at Krainbrinkland's Travel Info Link to Twisted's Travel Page

Hungry? Looking for a recipe? Find them at

Krainbrinkland's Food Page Bon Appetit' with Chez' Freak at the Trailer Trash Diner.

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Krainbrinkland's Comics Page Link to Twisted's Funny Page.

This hills ARE alive with the Sounds of Music. So is

Krainbrinkland's Music Page Link to Twisted's Music Page...Bang Your Head

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Reality Times ... What's in YOUR Name? - demonstration analysis

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Sincere and Heart-felt Thanks to My Family (they won't admit it.) in Fernley. Who, without their help, time and patience, (their pictures too, Thanks Alien.) none of this would have been possible. On behalf of the Academy...ooppss, wrong speech. I promised them a link, and here it is, "The Hottest Spot on the Net Tonight." If you miss ANY place on the net, Don't miss this one. It is well worth the visit. Now without further ado, in fact, without any Doo whatsoever... Welcome To Paragon Publications


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