I am not affiliated with/to ANY of these teams, leagues or associations, Just merely a Fan of all Sports, in general, and an avid fan, of these teams, in particular. Please Enjoy the sights and sounds of My Sports Page, and the links as well.






Hall of Favorites.




The (Los Angeles) St.Louis RAMS.....Click Here for Their Home Page

My Favorite Football Team of All Time is The Rams. They have been my favorite since Roman Gabriel was the Quarterback. Sure hate calling them the "St. Louis Rams."




My Favorite Baseball Team is The Los Angeles Dodgers. I used to go to Dodger Games at Dodger Stadium all the time when I was a youngster. Bleacher seats were only a $1.50 a piece, then.

The Los Angeles DODGERS...Click Here for Their Home Page




The Los Angeles LAKERS...Click Here for Their Home Page

My Favorite Basketball Team is the Los Angeles Lakers. I do have a 2nd Favorite Basketball Team as well. More on them alittle later on this page.




My Favorite Hockey Team is The Los Angeles Kings. I, too have a 2nd favorite Hockey team. More on them later in the page as well.

The Los Angeles KINGS...Click Here for Their Home Page




THE SACRAMENTO KINGS...Click Here for Their Home Page

My 2nd Favorite Basketball Team, is from My Adopted Hometown, Sacramento. I am still a Los Angeles Lakers fan, but I mean, Hey, It's the Kings for goodness sakes.


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Now this page won't have a specific "focus," it will be more or less a Plethora of "Sports-related" information. This page will also explore other Sports as well, some mainstream, some, completely off the wall, in the Krainbrink Tradition. If you click on the pictures above, you will go to the appropriate teams web sites.




Other Krainbrink Sports Links---Click The Pics!!!

Twisted's Game Page...The Sport of Gambling...Click Here Twisted's Fishing Page...Sport Fishing at it's Finest




Now for something off the wall, something, I, myself, find rather strange, "LAWN BOWLING???" RNSWBA - The Game of Bowls - http://www.rnswba.org.au/the_game And a Sport I find myself doing on a regular basis, Crappers Delight Here is a Fishing link page for you until you go click on the fish picture above. http://www.kiva.net/~dlm83/sbass2bassinlinks



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