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Ever met my Brother Neil?.....OK, so it wasn't funny....This is the link for Bass Pro Shops

The 3rd Bass Trip of the Season is now in the record books. The statistics are available below......

I will concentrate mostly on Bass Fishing, and mostly the local stuff, but will also include a wide off-the-wall variety of other fishing related items, subjects, and links as well. So grab your pole and your tackle box, and your ice chest, and "LET'S GO, THEY ARE BITING LIKE MAD-DOGS!!!" Mr.Twisted says "Jump"...the Fish say "How High..."...This is the Link to Cabela's

Thank Goodness I haven't yet been RIPPED from the water by Mr.Twisted and his Fishing Buddies.

Latest Fishing Trip Statistics

Totals for the fishing trip on 6/29/98....My friend caught 7-Largemouth Bass, 5-Smallmouth Bass, and 3-Sunfish, and believe it or not 5 Rainbow Trout, for a total of 20 for him. I, myself, ended up with 9-Largemouth, and 2-Sunfish and Yes, 4 Rainbow Trout for a total of 15, and a Grand Total of 35....Season Total 102. LIFE IS GOOD.....

I have a very Special Place that I go to, and I am never disappointed. My Current Record is 40 in a day, YES 40!!!, I caught 38 Largemouth Bass, 1 Smallmouth Bass, and a 1-30 inch Rainbow Trout, for a total of 40, and yes, I have several witnesses, the person that I was fishing with that day had caught 36 Largemouth, 2 Smallmouth, 1 Sunfish, and it was a mighty big Sunfish at that, for a total of 39., bringing the Grand Total for the two of us to 79 Fish. We had figured it out to pulling one fish out of the lake every 7.5 minutes. That was a great day, and it IS a TRUE story. (Yes, I Practice Catch-and-Release.)

Almost looks like the Secret Mr.Twisted set up. not quite though. This is Also a Link to Trophy Bassmasters...

The second trip of the season is over, unlike the last trip, where I used ONLY rubber worms, this time I chose to us a chubby deep diving rattler lure, bright green top, orange and yellow underneath, and a nice, noisy rattle, and once I put it on, I didn't take it off, and if it works next time, I may never take it off !!! I am going to keep a Season Total Tally In the Scrolling box below, as well as some other fishing links, for your enjoyment.

Season Totals

1st trip total...Mine-6, My Friend-18, Total-24

2nd trip total...Mine-23, My Friend-20, Total-43

3rd trip total...Mine-15, My Friend-20, Total-35

Season Grand Total-102

"Damn, I Hate Rubber Worms..."   (also a link to B.A.S.S. Anglers Sportsman Society

P.S. Please Clean Up after Yourself, Pack it in-Pack it out.

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Mr.Twisted hauling in 'The Monster"....Also a link to Bass Adventures

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