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Obviously, this will be dealing primarily with Heavy, Hard, Thrashing, Twisted Music, but it will definitely NOT be limited to it. I love all kinds of Music, I just love Music, in general, just about any kind you throw at me. I just prefer Metal the most. I will include many links here, links to local Twistedville Radio Stations, links to places to get free sound files, like wav., midi., au, etc. I will also include links to other music freaks pages that I have stumbled upon, as well as My anticipated concert viewing schedule and Twisted Reviews of the shows that I attend. I have found many fan pages as well, basically ANY thing that I feel, fits in here.

This Page Last Updated 10/28/98


Mr. Twisted's Upcoming Concert Plans

No Current Concert Plans as of Yet...Nothing im Dying to See right now...But My Ears Perked up with the News of a Black Sabbath Reunion Tour....Now There is a Tasty Show....Stay Tuned...

Yeah.......Scramble Those Brains...SEVENDUST can Help, Here is Thier Site...They are HOT!!! Music on this Page is AC/DC  For Those About to Rock...mid file... AIR GUITAR......Link to Mott The Hoople Site....

The Pictures are Links, so "Click The Pics"

The Current "Hot" Metal Band......MegaDeth..Clcik to go To Their PageMetallica....Rock Band of The Twistedville. Click this to go to their Home Page.

Mr. Twisted's Performance Reviews

I haven't updated this for awhile, so this will be a long review...First Show to review is the Tool Concert at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium tuesday 8-25-98...Tool Was Awesome, with one exception...thier sound man SUCKS, he did not do his job, and he should be fired. Tool, otherwise was Stupendous Great place for a Concert also, too bad for the sound. Show gets a 9.5 for performance, a -1 for the sound guy. The Second Review is Metallica...THEY KICKED ASS, Great show....too bad they cant play ALL their songs in 1 show....but one can wish.....Metallica gets 9.7 ........and to Round out the Season...SEVENDUST at Cameron Park on October 14th .....9.8 GREAT MOSH PIT...THEY KICKED ASS...That's about all for now...See Ya' in The Pits...!!!

Ticket Stubs from Metallica and Tool....Also Link to KILLER TOOL SITE....

A Pink Floyd Link Just For "Rotten Johnny."...The WWWall: The Great Wall of Links!

The HARD ROCK of Twistedville It has changed to 98 Rock, I just haven't Changed the picture yet. Click here to go 98 ROCK Mr. Twisted's Favorite Radio Station. CLASSIC ROCK of Twistedville The Eagle, Where Mr. Twisted goes, when he wants stroll down music's memory lane

For INTESTINAL ROCK AND ROLL. Try BOB KELLER"S CAFE ROCK at KSEG above. Bob is quite the CUNNING CULINARY LINGUIST. (tongue in cheek...or somewhere close.)

Bob Keller's Cafe Rock....Bob is Twistedville's Favorite Radio Celebrity of All Time. Click Here to go There.

For Twistedville Alternative Mr. Twisted's Favorite Alternative Station...Kwod 106.5...Click Here to Go ThereMore Twistedville Alternative 100.5 THE ZONE

If You Just Wanna Listen to a Nice Midi, Try..."Mr. Twisted's Juke Box" Mr. Twisted's Juke Box.....Click Here for some Killer Tunes, Dude.....


A parting thought...."Music is the vehicle for your Emotions, Get in and Hang On.." Have fun, and visit All of My other Twisted Pages. And it would be Really nice if you would Drop me an E-Mail. and stay tuned, but for now. TURN IT UP...!!!

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