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This Page is designed to help you spend YOUR money wisely. Let's just consider this MY cardboard sign by the freeway off ramp. These pages that I bring you do cost me time, and money, and we all know that Time IS Money, so it is costing me a Mint. Please take a moment out of your day, to sit down, relax, and yes, "SEND ME SOME OF YOUR MONEY." (just kidding) I am not asking for All of it, Just enough to make MY life easier,(just kidding) I may even send you a Thank You note...(not a chance) So don't procrastinate, SEND MONEY NOW. Thanking YOU in advance.

(This is just a joke.)

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(I am NOT a financial advisor.)

A Picture is worth a 1000 words.

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Back to the serious side, This page really will have some useful information, everything from info on mutual funds, stocks, bonds, to commodities, and precious metals. Just Click at the little money symbol pictures below, and Money Information will be at your fingertips.

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