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This page will contain many things related to Travel, not your ordinary Travel Page, but one that touches on subjects that you don't hear about very much. I will try to keep it as Unusual as possible, yet still remain useful and practical for most everyone. It will have Travel Tips for all kinds of travel, be it, by foot, or by bus, or car, or by train, boat or plane. Travel doesn't HAVE to be expensive, it is very easy to cut corners, and still have a VERY enjoable trip, E-mail me for suggestions. I hope you enjoy your time here. Just Remember to "Click the Pics."Thanks and HAPPY TRAILS...!!!

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Well for starters, I am an experienced vagabond, and an avid explorer, not to mention, at times, obsessive in just about everything I do. What I am trying to say, is that I have a habit of trying to jam in as much as I can into what ever time span I am working with at the time. It wont be on any type of fixed timetable, but more of a free flowing flood of ideas, and suggestions, that you will need to tailor to your own needs.

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One thing we like to do on the weekends is to take, what we call, Gas Tank Trips, these trips are usually 1-3 hours from our home, are usually geared to local events in the region. They are very nice trips, fairly inexpensive, easy to do, with little preparation, and they give you the feeling of actually being on a sort of mini-vacation. Our last mini vacation took us to Sausalito, and the Marin Headlands. Some of the most beautiful coast line on the planet. I have included links to those places on this page. Remember to Click the Pics.

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Here is a Link to General California Sight Seeing Locations...Click Here.... Click Me to go to Sausalito, Calfiornia........ Click Here to go to The Golden Gate Park Page, It is a Must See....Here is another Great California Coastal twon, Pismo Beach....Click Here for more California Gold Rush Information ... California's National Park units...."Pick a Park Map." ... California's National Parks Regular Page ... New Mexico Magazine..Some Travel Info about New Mexico... ... Yosemite National Park Information

For now, I will leave you with some sights, and sounds. Please E-mail me your comments, or suggestions to

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