Twisted's Page of links to The Animal Kingdom.

Page Updated 4/26/98

I have separated all of the Animals into 4 catagories. Animals of the Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Since there are no animals that live in Fire, then I shall use the word Fire symbolically, as in meaning strange creatures, like creatures from Hell. For example; Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions, Bats, etc. I will also include links to the Twisted Elements Pages, since the Elements match the Animals, quite clever I'm sure you agree. I have also supplied a Link back to the Four Corners Map Room. Please enjoy your romp with All of God's Creatures.

Animals of the Air

Click Me and I will Wing you off to The Animals of the Air Page...Tweet, Tweet.

Animals of the Water

I haven't made the Animals of the Water Page yet, so looking at Me splashing in the water will have to suffice for now.

Animals of the Earth

Since Animals of the Earth isn't completed, I have made this a link to Twisted's Dog Haus Page...It will have to do for now, sorry.

Animals of the Fire

I'll get to it already, This Animals Page isn't done yet either. Stay Tuned.

I hope you have found this entertaining at least. If so, please drop me an E-Mail and let me know what you think. Your correspondence is Greatly Apprecieated, Please Drop Me an E-Mail mike@krainbrink.com

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