The Twisted Past

Wow, Could We have possibly reached Nirvana? Trippy 60's Page Click Here, But come back here to finish. Man.

A Twisted View of Life, in Retrospect. The Page of Nostalgia. A page of links to The Past.

The Colors, Far Out Man. What was that stuff you gave me?

I will include links to Music, Styles, Fads, and anything else that I can think of to throw in here. It will have the 60-70's theme to start with, and then we will see where it evolves to from there.


Here is a Really Great site for 50's and 60's Music and information

Here Are Several Links to help you "expand your mind."

Armor of 1960's and 1970's ..... Frisbee Hall of Fame ..... Monopoly Memorabilia

Trivia games: 1960's oldies trivia challenge about TV, oldies music and famous cars.

Purple Haze, Up in My Brain....

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