"My Twisted Family"

Page Updated April 28th 1998

My Big Buddie Hello, I'm Jerm...I have a Page also...Click Here to Get There.

My Little Buddie I'm Nich...I have a Page also, Click on My Photo, to go there.

Mr. Heffy I'm Mr Heffy....I don't have a Page yet, but I'm Sure I'll get one.

Pop-Tart "I'm checking out Mr.Heffy, Isn't He cute?

Rotten Johnny

I know I look like Mr. Twisted, but I'm really not him, I'm Rotten Johnny. And I have My Very Own Pages...Click Here.

The Chef I am Chef Chez' Freak...Click Here, I shall take you to The Food Page

Cousin GuidoSo, You Think I'm Funny?  What Do Ya' Mean Funny?  Like Funny How?

...and along came a Spider.... Reserved for Your Picture

MomA Special Page, for a Special Lady...My Mom...Click Here for Her Tribute Page.

"Uncle Letch"Click Here for The Free Speech Page...Wanna See My Twinkie?

The Robot WARNING, WARNING.....RED ALERT, RED ALERT......Click Here for the Twisted Space Page.

My Seester Click Here and I will take you to a World of Wonder...My Seester's Page.


You sure are Lookin' Mighty Tasty...Click Me and come over to My Page for Lunch.


Click the Picture to go to The Dog Haus.

Fi Fi

Bow Wow...Click Me to go to The Dog Haus...


Enough Dog Haus Links Already....O.K. Just this Last one...Click here to go to the Dog Haus

Miss Meulla

Egyptian Star Arabians...Click Here If you like horses...It's a must see.


Hey, You, Wanna Read The Paper?...Click Here. Link Back to Four Corners Map Room Back to "The Tiwtsed Zone."...Entrance Page to Twistedville.

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